The HRV Plus App

HRV Plus HRV Plus requires a Polar H7, or H6 Bluetooth HR monitor. * You can get one from many online retailers including

HRV Plus is free to the first 1000 users and still available now for free. Don't miss out.

Get it from the Apple App Store.

DropBox Sync Feature

HRV Plus You can keep multiple iOS devices running HRV Plus synced via DropBox. It's as easy as a click of a button. For additional help, visit our support page.




How to use it

See a real example below. In this graph, you can see that taking it easy one evening might have avoided a week in bed. Those who use heart rate variability to monitor health have many examples of days that started off with "I feel a little bit off". When combined with a bit of information from HRV Plus "taking it easy" avoided the days in bed and resulted in back-to-business-as-normal within a couple days.

Professionals use it

Professional athletes have been using HRV monitoring for years (National Football League, European Soccer/Football), because they know resting at the correct times can make all the difference. For the rest of us, it can simply improve the quality of our training and our life.